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Medication Management Services for Seniors in Cape Coral, FL

Comfort Keepers home health aides can help ensure your senior loved one regularly take their medications

It’s not uncommon for the seniors to suffer from chronic illnesses which require taking many different medications each day. Obviously, that makes the medication management pretty difficult, especially for those seniors whose mental and physical health has deteriorated. To make the things even worse, if they fail to take medication properly, it can cause serious health consequences. Home health aides are crucial to quality senior care.

The failure to properly deal with medication management is one of the main reasons why seniors decide to move to nursing homes. This is prevalent among those who live alone. Still, the truth is that they do it reluctantly; if seniors could, the majority would stay in their own home. It’s not only about the emotional attachment they have to the place where they’ve lived for most of their lives. Aging at home also means that they will maintain their independence, which is crucial for the quality of life.

Aging at home tends to be a better option for seniors in terms of upholding emotional wellbeing, but if they reside alone and without support from family, friends or professionals, it can be risky to their health and safety. Furthermore, staying home requires seniors to not only properly manage medications, but also tackle various daily living tasks, including dusting, cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry and grocery shopping. 

Unfortunately, many seniors are incapable of maintaining an independent lifestyle without help. Some common reasons for that include mobility issues, as well as problems with their health and memory. A Comfort Keepers home health aide can be there to provide expert, personalized care services for your loved one in the Cape Coral area.

Comfort Keepers’ Home Health Aide Solutions

In order to help your elderly family member maintain an independent lifestyle, Comfort Keepers caregivers will visit their home and help with personal care tasks, light housekeeping, meal preparation, as well as provide support medicine management. In fact, there are two types of medication management offered by Comfort Keepers.

The first involves a caregiver whose job is to remind the senior when the right time for taking the medication is. The second option is putting trust in cutting-edge technology to deal with medication management. Comfort Keepers caregivers can set up a SafetyChoice® TabSafe unit, which will organize all the medications and notify your senior when to take them. The best thing is that the unit will dispense the medications with a simple press of a button!  

For more information on how your senior loved one could benefit from having home health aide, contact us today.


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