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Adult Home Care Solutions & Avoiding Senior Scams in Fort Myers, FL

Find out how adult home care solutions can help keep your loved one safe from scammers

Scammers target seniors because they see them as easy targets. They may call and tell a senior that they owe money for a bill that they don’t actually owe, but the senior may be embarrassed that he or she forgot to pay and provide their credit card information. Or a scammer might target seniors through email thinking that older adults are not Internet savvy. As your loved ones continue to age they may have more trouble remembering if they have paid a bill or not. Memory loss and other age-related problems make seniors more susceptible to falling for scams.

More than 20 million seniors every year fall victim to scams that are designed to prey on the elderly. Comfort Keepers adult home care solutions are available in Fort Myers, FL, and the surrounding areas have the following tips to help protect your loved one.

How Adult Home Care Solutions Can Help

Adult home care solutions provided by an experienced caregiver is one solution to help protect your loved one from scams. A Comfort Keepers caregiver can help your loved one with answering their phone calls or checking their email together to help ensure there are no scammers trying to commit fraud. Our home care providers are trained to spot the signs of a scam and they can make sure that seniors don’t give their credit card or banking information to people that they don’t know.

Caregivers also can assist seniors in avoiding suspicious activities by helping them stay organized. Our adult home care solutions provide can remind your loved one when it’s time to pay their bills and help them make budgets so that they know exactly where their money is going. That way if a scammer tries to get them by telling them a bill was left unpaid your loved one will know that’s a scam because they will know all the bills have been paid.

Common Acts of Fraud Against Seniors Include:

  • Phone calls or emails claiming to come from the IRS telling victims that they are due a tax refund. It’s important to remember that the real IRS never initiates contact with you via phone call, email, or social media.
  • Impersonating a grandchild in trouble
  • Posing as Medicare “agents” or health care providers telling seniors they need to purchase a replacement card
  • A plea for a donation from a fake charity


One of the quickest ways to spot a scam is by recognizing how you are being asked to send money. If someone says you can only pay by wiring money, putting money on a gift card, or loading money onto a cash reload card that is an attempt to scam.

Our Comfort Keepers Home Care organization will be there to help explain or interpret issues your elderly parent or loved one may not understand. If the caregiver sees any signs of identity theft or fraud they can alert your loved one and help them go through the steps of recovering their identity and protecting their finances.

If your senior loved one in Fort Myers, FL has been targeted by scammers before or you’re afraid that they might fail to recognize attempts of fraud, contact us today to find out how we can help keep your loved one independent, safe, and happy at home with the help of our adult home care solutions!


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