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Comfort Keepers Home Care Options in Fort Myers, FL

Home Care Options For Seniors When Seniors Need Help At Home

It’s been proven that seniors who live at home are happier and healthier than seniors who need to give up their familiar family homes. But as seniors get older and their health starts to become fragile they might find that they are struggling to keep up with housework and other chores. You may not notice the signs that your loved one might need home care at first. But eventually you will start to see that your loved one is struggling to remain safely independent. When that happens it’s time to consider all of the home care options for your senior loved one.

Signs A Senior Needs Help At Home

Many seniors are embarrassed to admit that they can’t keep up with the cooking and cleaning the way that they used to. They also might struggle with personal care, budgeting, and other necessary life tasks. Be on the lookout for these signs because if you notice these signs in your loved one it’s time to have a conversation about home care options with your loved one:

Poor Hygiene

It’s one thing to skip a shower on a lazy day. It’s another to consistently go without showers, brushing hair, or doing laundry to keep clothes clean and fresh smelling. If you notice that your senior loved one is starting to let their hygiene slip it may be because they need some extra help with personal care tasks like getting dressed, doing the laundry, washing their hair, or bathing.

Reluctance To Go Out

If your senior loved one has always enjoyed going out shopping or meeting friends and they stop wanting to leave the house that’s a cause for concern. It could be that they are becoming depressed or that they are having trouble hearing other people or seeing things the way that they used to so they prefer to stay in familiar surroundings.

Dirty House

One of the biggest signs that it’s time to have a conversation about home care options is a house that starts to get really dirty. If dirty pots and pans are piling up in the sink and the floor hasn’t been swept or washed in a long time those are clear signs that your loved one is overwhelmed by the physical work of keeping up their home.

Home Care Options

Getting help for your loved one from a qualified home care provider is one of the best home care options to consider. A professional caregiver from Comfort Keepers in Fort Myers, FL will be a trusted friend and ally that your loved one can depend on to help them stay at home and be happily independent. 

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