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Affordable Care Services Help Seniors with Healthy Nutrition

Staying at a healthy weight, or losing weight if they are overweight, is very important for seniors. Many of the health problems associated with aging can be managed more effectively or lessened when seniors eat healthy, get plenty of exercise, and maintain a healthy weight. Affordable home care services can help seniors stay healthy at home by helping them shop for, cook, and eat a healthy diet as well as get regular exercise. Some of the best professional tips for seniors who need to manage their weight include:

Never Miss Meals

Seniors should never miss meals or go more than five hours without eating anything. Missing meals will only cause them to be hungrier the next time they eat, which will likely lead to overeating and caregivers can help prevent that.

Cut Back on Calories By Drinking Water

Cutting back on calories without having a serious appetite can be accomplished by simply drinking water. Seniors should try to drink eight glasses of water a day. This will prevent dehydration; which seniors are more at risk of (https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/the-importance-of-staying-hydrated).

Healthy Food Before Sweets

Fruit, vegetables, grains and lean meats should come before any sweets. Eating healthier food before will fill seniors up and make them less likely to eat unhealthy foods in excess later.

Take Advantage of Measuring Tools

After a while, seniors should be able to tell what a suitable serving size is, but until then they should take advantage of measuring tools like cups, spoons, scales, or the use of caregivers.

Eat With Smaller Dishes

The dishes that are used play a large role in how much food is consumed. Seniors don’t like to waste food, so they will typically eat everything on the plate. Using smaller dishes is one way to make sure that it’s a good serving size.

Share Meals When Eating Out

Oversized servings are commonplace at most restaurants, so seniors who dine out often should either share meals with another person or only eat half of the meal and take the rest to go.

It might seem like eating smaller serving sizes may make seniors hungry more often, but the body will adjust to the serving sizes and help lose weight or keep it off.

Eat Smaller Portions

In order to avoid putting on bad weight, seniors should make sure that they are eating good serving sizes. Serving sizes that are too large contain more calories and encourage them to overeat.

Seniors who choose not to monitor the serving sizes of their meals tend to put on unhealthy weight and will need caregivers. Here are some helpful suggestions for seniors who want to control their serving sizes.

Affordable Home Care Services Help Seniors Eat Healthy

Many seniors have trouble eating a healthy diet because they have trouble getting to t he stores to shop for healthy food. Or they have difficulty cooking a healthy meal at home. Having a caregiver from affordable home care services like Comfort Keepers can make it easier and more fun for seniors to eat healthy. A caregiver can help seniors prepare healthy meals, share healthy meals with them, and help them clean up afterward. Home care givers can also encourage seniors to get regular exercise. Call Comfort Keepers in Fort Myers, FL today to find out more about the benefits of affordable  home care services for seniors. 

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