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Senior Home Health Care from Comfort Keepers in Fort Myers, FL

Senior Home Health Care Can Help Seniors Who Have Hearing Loss Live Independently

Hearing loss is a very common health problem that seniors face. As seniors age, they may have hearing loss in one ear or in both ears. This usually happens gradually, and seniors may not even be aware that their hearing is a problem. If you notice any of these signs in your loved one you should encourage them to get their hearing check out by a doctor:

  • Speaking loudly.
  • Asking for people to repeat what they say.
  • Having trouble keeping up with conversations.
  • Turning the TV up very loud.
  • Not wanting to talk on the phone as much as they used to.

Hearing loss can make it difficult for seniors to continue living independently. But senior home health care can provide the help and support that seniors need to stay in their homes.

Senior Home Health Care for Seniors with Hearing Loss

One of the first things that a home caregiver from a senior home health care agency can do for a senior that is dealing with hearing loss is assessed the home that the senior lives in. There are many great new adaptive devices that seniors can use to live more safely and comfortably at home like doorbells that flash a light instead of sending out a ring to let the senior know someone is at the door. A caregiver can go around the home and suggest different devices that will make life much easier and safer for the senior living there.

Another way that a senior home health care provider can help seniors with hearing loss is to accompany them when they go shopping, or to the doctor, or to meet friends. The caregiver can help your loved one feel more comfortable and confident shopping, getting around, and talking to others. And having a caregiver can also make it much easier for your senior loved one to interact with the world around them.

If you have a senior loved one in Fort Myers, FL that is struggling with an age-related hearing loss call us today. One of our senior home health care provider can answer your questions and suggest a customized care plan for your senior loved one.

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