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How Do I Know If It Is Time To Receive Respite Care?

Aug 7, 2018 by Comfort Keepers


Caring for loved ones can be an exhausting task, both mentally and physically. Have you ever thought of taking a short break from caring for your loved one, such as going to the store to run errands? Or possibly the idea of scheduling a vacation to allow yourself to relax and reset from the consistent work of being a caregiver? Are you concerned for the care and safety of your loved one if you leave? Well, don’t worry because respite care services can be your home care solution.



What is respite care?

Respite care or “short-break care” is a planned short-term break for family caregivers who need time outside the home or merely providing relief for senior care caregivers. Respite care helps to support and maintain a healthy caregiving relationship.



How do I know that it is time to receive respite care?"

Are you having symptoms such as: having a short-temper, feeling down or depressed, having loss of interest of personal hobbies, or having lack of sleep? These symptoms may be a sign that you are in need of respite care services. Just as you care for your loved one, it is vital that you care for yourself as well --maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle is key to being a well-rounded caregiver.



What are the proven benefits of Respite Care?

You’re probably wondering “how effective is respite care?” or “what are the benefits?”. In a previous study, they found that 64% of caregivers of the elderly receiving respite each week reported (after one year) improved physical health, 78% improved their emotional health, and 50% cited improvement in the care recipient as well. Respite care allows time for caregivers to improve their own mental and physical health by having time set aside for themselves to live a healthy balanced life --while a service is being provided to look after their loved one. By having respite care you’ll be be able to be a better caregiver, be healthier, have time to run errands, and even be able to have some time to yourself to be able to enjoy time with family and friends.



How to know Respite Care is the right option?

The choice of having respite care can be a very individual decision -- based on the needs of the client, budget, and more. There are also many different types of respite care in combination or at different times for the needs of the client. It is good to consider your options and see the many creative ways to structure respite care for affordability and security. The critical thing to do is do your research, which you can find out information by setting up a consultation. Take the first step and set up a consultation with Comfort Keepers to find out more about respite care and the different home health care options we can provide for you.


Is Respite Care Affordable?

Sometimes the cost of assistance or help may seem unaffordable or not in your budget. The factor to consider when looking at the expense of respite care is: “Is the cost more important than your well-being and health?” If you are not equipped to care for your loved one, there will be a greater cost down the line -- respite care is a smart preventative to that happening. Many sources can help to see your options for respite care. Contact Comfort Keepers to set up a consultation to discuss your options on respite care.



If you have any other questions about respite care or want to speak to someone about your in-home care options at Comfort Keepers give us a call at (239) 590-8999 or contact us online to set up a consultation.


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