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How Senior Home Care Services Can Help Senior Nutrition in Fort Myers, FL

Everyone knows that nutrition is important but did you know that nutrition may be even more important to our senior loved ones? Comfort Keepers located in Fort Myers, FL realizes the importance of incorporating senior nutrition into our senior home care services.  At Comfort Keepers based in Fort Myers, FL we will work directly with your senior loved one to make sure that they are receiving healthy and balanced meals while in our caregivers care.  We also want to include your loved one in preparing healthy meals so they feel more involved in their own care.

As a caregiver or family member, you need to be on the lookout for signs and symptoms of hunger or malnutrition in older adults. Here are some ways to monitor the nutrition of seniors in your care:

  • Watch for physical problems such as poor wound healing, easy bruising and dental difficulties.
  • Keep track of weight loss which may require purchasing a home scale or transporting to the doctor’s office for weight checks when the individual is unable to stand without assistance.
  • Pay close attention to seniors’ eating habits and ask them to tell you where and when they eat, but don’t rely on self-reports alone. Since Comfort Keepers® often spend mealtimes with seniors at home, they may have a better idea of normal eating habits.
  • Suggest family members visit during mealtimes which can improve a senior’s consumption. If a senior lives alone, make sure you know who is buying his or her food.
  • Know what medications an older loved one takes and how often they can affect appetite and digestion. Use the resources available through your local retail pharmacist to check for drug nutrient interactions or possible side effects of prescribed medications.
  • If there are medical questions regarding nutrition, medication and health Comfort Keepers® suggests seniors, their family members and other caregivers speak with doctors about tests that can help identify chronic malnutrition or other nutrition-related problems.

At Comfort Keepers of  Fort Myers, FL we understand there are many benefits to eating healthy and physical activity.  A few of these benefits include

  1. Improved balance
  2. Sharper mind
  3. Increased energy 

Comfort Keepers of Fort Myers, FL can help to make sure that your senior loved one is reaping the rewards of better nutrition.  Do you believe your loved one could benefit from our senior home care services? Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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